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for living room performance:

a performance and discussion

adapted by Edward Mast

from stories by Craig Rennebohm 

directed by Robert Leigh

performed by Rich Hawkins

Would you like to host a performance in your living room?  Do you have about ten friends who would like to engage in a rich conversation about urgent current issues?

COMING TO CARE is a short play created to stimulate conversation about the ongoing crisis of houselessness in Seattle and elsewhere in our country.  The play is adapted from a book by Craig Rennebohm, a local Seattle minister who engaged for decades with people who were shelterless and struggling with mental illness.  With his permission, we’ve adapted some of the stories in the book to give a window on how some people are experiencing the ongoing crisis, and the different ways we and our institutions respond.

The performance itself will last about 40 minutes, performed by one actor seated with the audience.  If you can fit 10 people in a room in your house, we can perform there. 

The short performance will lead directly into an open-ended conversation with the audience, starting with a question directly suggested by the play.  The whole event should last two hours or less, including introductions and discussion.

No money required.  No transactions are happening in any direction for this piece.  We won't ask for donations at the end.  You don't have to provide a meal for us.  We're there for the engagement and the conversation.  Think of this as a small party or salon at your house.  We'll provide the performance and we’ll facilitate discussion afterwards.

We're anxious to come to your house and engage your thoughts and feelings and concerns .   Please get in touch and start arranging a date that will work for you and about ten of your friends.

Contact CredibleThreatworks@gmail.com

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